Condiciones Generales

Information and general conditions

Insurance: Included in the rent is a liability insurance for personal injury and property damage, occupational accident insurance – death / disability, compensation for personal injury and theft insurance of the rental car. The rent includes a fully comprehensive insurance with a deductible of € 600.- for cars class A, from € 750.- cars class B, from € 900.- cars class C included. For renters over 25 years we offer for € 4.- for carriages class A, € 5.- carriages class B, € 6.- carriages for class C per rental day a fully comprehensive insurance without deductibles glass, tire, (nail, flat tires) Underbody + clutch damage is covered by the comprehensive insurance. If the renter causes an accident through gross negligence, e.g. Stop signs or red traffic lights or driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, lost or “wet” keys, the comprehensive insurance offers no cover. The vehicles may not be left to other drivers without the permission of the landlord, in case of infringement the vehicle is excluded from the comprehensive insurance.

Accidents: in case of accidents and damage to the car, the landlord must be informed immediately. In the event of personal injury, call the police. In any case, the Spanish accident report for the vehicle documents must be completed together with the accident opponent and signed together. The circumstances of the accident and an accident sketch are important in order to clarify the question of guilt clearly. Damage to the car without accident opponents are also to be reported immediately to the landlord. If the lessee violates these obligations, the comprehensive insurance does not cover any damage to your own vehicle and the lessee has to pay for it. In the case of an indebted accident, the renter must bear the towing costs of the rental car.

Refund: in case of accident, the renter has no right to replacement of the rented vehicle. Also, he can not claim for a refund of the rental price in such a case. In the case of a non-culpable accident, the renter has the right to get an equivalent replacement vehicle for the remaining rental period, the renter has no other claims.

Payment: the payment of the rent is made upon delivery of the car. Payment is cash, EC-Visa or Mastercard. Taxes: VAT + charges are included in the rental rate.

Booking Cancellation: You can cancel a booking at any time for free.

Miles: unlimited ,. The car may only be driven on Mallorca

Petrol: tank filling as transfer so return validity: for rentals in Colonia in the office, the contracts for one-day rentals from 9:00 clock in the morning until 20:00 clock in the evening, with a longer rental period from 9:00 clock in the morning the first rental day until 20:00 in the evening of the last rental day. At the airport, the 24-hour rule applies with an hour of grace.

Traffic ticket / traffic violations: are at the expense of the customer

Age: Conditions for the car rental are a minimum age of 21 years, as well as the possession of a driver’s license of 3 years.

Return: Unless otherwise agreed, all vehicles must be returned to the place of takeover. In the event of an early return of the rental car, the renter is not entitled to a refund of the rental price.

Parking / parking: the cars must be locked when parking and all personal belongings of the renter are removed from the vehicle. When the car is opened, it must be reported immediately to the landlord. Break-up damage to the car is at the expense of the landlord, stolen property of the renter will not be replaced.

Cleaning costs: none, except for vomit and smoking in the car. In case of breach cleaning costs of € 150 are payable. Jurisdiction:

Jurisdiction: Palma de Mallorca

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